Apostle Suleman sent serious warning to Daniel Regha about his tweets

He indicated that if Daniel Regha makes any further posts regarding the subject, they would be obligated to ask him to tell them what he knows that they appear to be unaware of.

The post read:

We have deliberately refused to feed your trolls or engage your insensitivity..
You have posted 9 tweets since the issue happened and it’s all documented because you seem to know what we don’t know..

The leader of the gang was caught and he confessed to being sent,you never tweeted to demand the identity of who sent them..to at least show you really mean well for the diseased..but rather you keep interfering with security matters..
You are free to use your Landlord,Jollof rice and skits to chase clouts as usual but keep the Apostle out of your idleness..One more tweet about this,you wil be invited by those on the matter to tell them what you know and we dont.

See the post below:

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