An eyewitness has shed more light to it, saying Mohbad was brought into the hospital alive

An eyewitness who was there at the hospital when the late Mohbad was brought in made surprising remarks.

Eyewitness reports shed further light on the horrific events that transpired on that awful day.

Mohbad, late Nigerian singer-songwriter. Google Images is the source of the image.

When Mohbad arrived at the hospital, one eyewitness left a message to check that he was still alive.

This eyewitness claimed to have been in the lobby when Mohbad and his pals entered the medical facility.

Despite his condition, Mohbad maintained his calm when approached by the witness who was anxious to grab a photo with the artist. Mohbad’s white eyes imply that he posed for the photo before checking into a medical unit.

After 30 minutes, the eyewitness saw a sudden flurry of activity among the nurses and other persons in Mohbad’s room.

The witness alleges that the nurses informed him that Mohbad had died. Despite the fact that Mohbad was entirely naked, the witness found it strange that his buddies had promptly taken his “lifeless” body from the hospital.

However, this eyewitness highlighted an important question: why did Mohbad’s companions not leave him in the hospital for a longer amount of time, allowing medical personnel to at least try to rescue him? Many others were bewildered and looking for answers as they rushed out of the facility.

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