An eyewitness at the Mohbad coroner’s inquiry reveals horrifying facts

An eyewitness at the Mohbad coroner’s inquiry reveals horrifying facts

An eyewitness at the current inquest into the death of late singer Mohbad provides an update from the courtroom on the witnesses that testified.

According to the eyewitness, Mohbad’s father revealed more than he had previously disclosed, beginning with denying his son’s age as 26 rather than 27.

"This is something that I've not heard before" - Eyewitness at Mohbad's coroner inquest shares

Mr Joseph Aloba was reported to have accused the late singer’s wife of having a poisonous connection with him and demanded on being informed about her liaison with another man via his son.

Mohbad’s mother also spoke forward, indicating that she only met Wunmi briefly and that they are not friends other than sharing care for her grandson, Liam.

Eyewitness account of Mohbad’s coroner’s inquiry

“I was in court live and direct. It was a court filled up with lots of witnesses on Mohbad’s case. We have a small boy, the wife, Mohbad’s mother and father, Wunmi and her mother, the DJ who lived with Mohbad, Mohbad’s junior brother and many others.

This is something that I’ve not heard before. Mohbad’s dad his son is not 27 year old but 26; he was born January 3rd. He said he lived with his son for 18 years. He didn’t know his son for any health issues was for appendix when he was younger.

He said when he heard that his son was dead, he visited the house and met a lot of people. He went straight to Mohbad’s room and he saw a cloth soaked with blood. He went downstairs and saw that he had been embalmed the local way; cotton wool in his nose and salt on his chest.

“He also claimed that Mohbad and his wife shared a toxic relationship and that Mohbad told him that his wife was cheating. She used to put sleeping pills in the indomie she always cooked for him. He alleged that she was cheating on him with someone in the Marlian house. He said the wife of the person informed him.

Mohbad’s father also said Wunmin once went through his son’s phone, showing him his chats with other women, nagging and accusing him of cheating. He also said Wunmi once left the house to spend about a week in a hotel.”

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