Am I getting old?” 1-Year-old Boy stunned over Surprise Birthday Party

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A young child was pleasantly surprised when his family got him a cake for his birthday.

When the adorable child turned one, his parents decided it would be best to make the occasion memorable.

However, the young youngster appeared disappointed as he merely glanced at their faces after receiving his cake.

Following his response to a surprise birthday party his parents planned for him, a little youngster has gained internet fame.

His parents decided to host a house party for him to celebrate his first birthday on Earth when he turned one.

In the popular video, his parents brought out and gave him his cake, but he didn’t seem to be impressed.

The one-year-old just stared at their faces as they sang for him and pleaded with him to blow off the candle on the cake.

Video keeps netizens in stitches

@ralitsabeautyjadonsweets said: “He’s thinking whaaat in the worlddd is happening heeree?”

@itsjustm0s0now commented: “I’m confused as to why y all putting fire so close to my face. What I’m I supposed to do with this?”

@zagol21 stated: “He looks very disappointed, he be like “ is this how you celebrate my first birthday “ shm.”

@cole95t said: “Why’re they surprised that he doesn’t know the birthday tradition? This is his first one.”

@evettelsantana said: “The look on his face is like ok nuff with the cake where they gifts at hahahaha.”

@vonivodka commented: “Yo babies really don’t like that! It’s so funny but makes me wonder what they know that we don’t know.”


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