Ahmedu Obiabo, aka Blackface: “Why I Fell in Love with 2Face”

Ahmedu Obiabo, aka Blackface: “Why I Fell in Love with 2Face”

Ahmedu Obiabo, also known as Blackface, has spoken out about his conflict with former bandmate Innocent Idibia, also known as 2Face.

Blackface has been vocal about his grievances towards 2Face, from charges of copyright infringement to allegations of damaging his music career.

In an explosive recent interview on The Honest Bunch podcast, Blackface, a member of the deceased music group Plantashun Boiz, remembers starting the band in his father’s garden in Otukpo, Benue State.

After founding the two-man band, he and Tubaba, then known as 2face, obtained some gigs and travelled numerous northern cities, according to him.

Ahmedu Obiabo, aka Blackface: "Why I Fell in Love with 2Face"
singer Ahmedu Obiabo, aka Blackface. Photo source: Google

He had to return to school at the Institute of Management Technology in Enugu, however.

“I said, let me finish my school first, and then I’ll continue my music. And then, when I went to IMT, Tuface came to meet me in IMT, and he was like the music was still in his head, and he didn’t know how to go about it.

“I am that guy to straight-line anything you want to do, if it’s music, especially. And I said the number one thing you have to do is stop jumping from group to group. I’m preparing to go to Lagos, but I could take you with me. And that was how I brought Tuface with me from Enugu to Lagos,” he said.

When they got in Lagos, the ‘Hard Life’ singer said that they stayed with his brother, Sam Ahmedu, in Obalende before heading to FESTAC.

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They met concert organiser Nelson Brown, got into the Rothman’s groove, went on tours, met the cures, and did everything else, he alleged.

Tuface allegedly waited up to six months before allowing Faze to join the group.


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