“Ahhh this is a sorry case for Jigan” — Jigan Babaoja Received The Beaeting Of His Life After Being Attcked By A Neighborhood Boy In Lagos (Watch The Video)

Jigan BabaOja, a popular Nollywood actor, posted a video of himself online after being attacked by neighborhood youngsters.

Jigan was recently subjected to an extraordinarily startling and sad occurrence when he was ruthlessly attacked by a bunch of neighborhood youngsters in Lagos’ crowded streets. Jigan and those who saw this unexpected and terrifying encounter were greatly disturbed.

The actor was recorded on tape during the harrowing event, crying in Yoruba, “Did you know my age?” as he faced the savage thrashing. This distressing scene emphasizes the vulnerability and injustice that persons who become victims of Lagos street violence suffer.

As worried spectators came to aid him, the motive for the savage attack remained unknown. Despite the cries of those attempting to assist, Jigan kept repeating, “Did you know my age?” His emphasis on this query reveals a profound feeling of shock and amazement at the unjustified violence he witnessed on Lagos’s streets.

While it looked to be a serious and upsetting affair at first, it is now clear that the circumstance was a comedy routine performed by a number of Jigan’s coworkers. This explains his repeated query, “Did you know my age?” and implies that the encounter was staged for comic purposes.

It’s conceivable that this episode is from a movie Jigan made a few years ago, which would explain his colleagues’ involvement and the situation’s humorous aspect. When viewing movie sequences in isolation, they can often be taken out of context, causing confusion.

See video below.

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