Adesua Etomi list 27 things she loves about Jemima Osunde

Adesua Etomi, a prominent Nollywood actress, recently took to her Instagram account to celebrate her best friend, Jemima Osunde, on her 27th birthday.

In a heartfelt post, Adesua listed 27 things she loves about her friend, shedding tears as she spoke about her.

Adesua Etomi

She started by mentioning Jemima’s beautiful heart, which she says is more attractive than her stunning physical features. Adesua went on to praise her friend’s consistency, intelligence, dry sense of humor, and resilience in the face of adversity.

She also lauded Jemima’s ability to be present, her dedication to her loved ones, her honesty, and her remarkable talent.

Jemima Osunde

She wrote:

“Where do I even start?
I can legit shed one or two tears (one or two cause i’m a hard guy) while talking about my sister and pest @jemimaosunde
Here are 27 things I love about Jemima on her 27th birthday.

1) Her heart (more beautiful than her gorgeous face)
2) Her consistency
3) Her coconut head (you have to take the bad with the good)
4) Her intelligence (not just with education.
Sometimes, she doesn’t have sense Sha, but this is only once in a while.
5) Her dry sense of humor ( I have suffered)
6) Her laughter (It’s like high-pitched music)
7) Her resilience (I have seen her bounce back from multiple situations that could have broken her)
8) Her ability to be present (when she’s not pressing phone Sha)
9) Her dedication to the people that she loves (Jemima does this thing with ease to multiple people the same time. It’s truly incredible).
10) Her honesty (It can be much, but I will take that anydayyyy)
11) Her talent (my baby girl is madddfff talented phew)
12) She’s the most best godmother in the universe. (I knew she was gonna be amazing to Z, but it’s sooo much more than I could have imagined. She’s legit his second mum).
13) Her interactions with Zaiah (It’s so beautiful to watch her with my offspring).
14) How she loves me (In fact I have a theory that she loves me the most. After her mum, dad, and siblings Sha).
16) That she thinks to talk to me when she’s sad (I love that I can be for her, what she is to so many people).
17) She’s a go-getter (If you don’t offer her what she thinks she deserves, she will do a presentation for you and you will give her. I’ve learned so much from the chances she takes)
18) She’s both tight and free with her riches (Lmao. She knows what I mean. She’s a giver but also am alaroro).
19) We can spend hours doing nothing and it’s still a vibe (we have Ph. D.s in this).
20) How she takes care of her parents (it really is the sweetest thing… Jumjum and Douglas are blessed).
21) How she shouts MAMAA every time she sees me
22) She’s incredibly kind (this one should have been at the top hit I forgot. Wun).
23) Her love for food (it reflects in her inner man. Her body will catch up).
24) Her journey with Jesus.
25) That I know that last video will be us when we’re old. Sisters forever.
26) Her independence
27) That this list was sooo easy to write. I love you so much Jem and I am incredibly grateful for you. Couldn’t have asked for a better little sister.
Always rooting for you and praying for you. May this new year blow your mind and may it be filled with the goodness of God on every side. You deserve the best friend and it is here. Happy birthday my darling”.

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