Actress, Mary Njoku Shares Latest Toll Gate Fee, complained seriously

Actress Mary Njoku has taken to social media to cry out over the outrageous amount paid at toll gate in Lagos airport.

The movie star in an Instagram post on Wednesday who lamented the hardship in the country disclosed that she paid N664 for a toll gate.

She also shared a photo of the receipt to clear doubts, the mother of three questioned how people from underprivileged backgrounds are surviving in the current economy.

She also noted that it now takes more than the minimum wage to fill the tank of a car.

“I just paid 664 nairas for toll gate. Na so e don be? Abi Dem cheat me. It now takes more than the minimum monthly wage to fill the tank of a car. How are people surviving?” she asked.

This is not the first time the wife of businessman Jason Njoku is lamenting over the country’s dwindling economy.

Weeks back, Mary wondered in a late-night post if her fans were awake as she had been unable to sleep over the country’s woes. She also asked how they were coping with the economic downturn.

The screen diva wrote, “Who is awake? The problem in Nigeria is becoming unbearable. No money. No fuel. No security. Nothing!! How are we coping? The situation don clear sleep for my eyes.”

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