A nurse’s friend concerned in Mohbad’s case shouts out

A nurse’s friend concerned in Mohbad’s case shouts out

Feyisayo Ogedengbe, a friend of the nurse engaged in the late Mohbad’s case, has appealed for assistance online.

She is certain of her friend’s innocence and is determined to offer unshakable support during this trying period.

She also voiced concern about the increasing pressure and said that efforts are being made to make her buddy a scapegoat.

She stated that on the day of Mohbad’s death, Ogedengbe urged her callers to seek medical assistance elsewhere since she was unavailable.

However, when she realized the gravity of the situation, she returned and finally treated the late singer.

She said; “The Nurse in question is my friend and right now you are all we have
This issue is getting out of our hand because we don’t have money and they are trying to pin her down with it. Oba they’re trying to pin the case on feyisayo ogedengbe, right now they want to make her the scape goat and free the rest. Her mother have cried to us the friends that she doesn’t know what to do

“The Autopsy and toxicology results is not out yet and but the already made her the prime suspect. They are trying to use her as a distraction to free others
According to what really happened that day was that, the Nurse was not around when they called her to come treat Mohbad and she told them that she’s not around that they should go to a hospital or another place if they can’t wait on Sunday.

“So she came back and they kept calling her to come she didn’t even want to go until one of her friend that she have treated before called to come and attend to him which is spending his friend.
She requested for a picture of the hand and she was almost there wen they sent the picture. I have the picture.”

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