“A Man Who Is Truly In Love With You Cannot Stay A Day Without Hearing From You” Actress Mo-Bewa To Ladies On Relationship

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Mo-Bewa, a well-known Yoruba actress, has revealed in a recent Instagram post what a man who truly loves a woman will always do to her. She made it clear that a man who is in love with a woman must hear from her every day.

While warning them not to be duped into thinking that they are too busy to offer them the necessary attention, she revealed that no man is too busy to make time for a woman he views as the love of his life. She asserted that a man would always make time for a woman if he truly loved her.

She made a statement in her post by saying, “A man in love with you can’t stay a day without hearing from you.” “No man is too busy for the love of his life; don’t be fooled.”

Thanks to her talent and flexibility in movies, which have helped her gain greater reputation, the actress has made a name for herself as one of the most in-demand Yoruba movie actresses.

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