6 weird traditions and customs you probably never knew existed

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There are a lot of strange cultural practices practiced in Nigeria, including female circumcision and witchcraft.

Every tribe and nation are bound by certain cultural practises and traditions and Nigeria is not an exception.

However, several tribes in the nation have customs that could be described as odd, eccentric, or even ridiculous.

Strange because doing such things in this day and age feels completely uncool, yet for the people who live in the places where they are done, it is absolutely natural and accepted.

Similar to some other nations, Nigeria has minimal to no tolerance for adultery.

A married woman may have magun (Thunderbolt), a type of black magic frequently utilized by the Yoruba people, implanted without her knowledge by her husband or his family so that, should she commit adultery, her lover could perish or become imprisoned in the act.

  1. Widowhood

This is common amongst the Igbos. A widow is subjected to humiliation to prove she has no hand in her husband’s death. All kinds of punishments are inflicted on her such as making her drink the water used in washing her husband’s corpse, shaving off her hair and the likes.

3 Witch hunting
This is a practice among the Edos. When a man or woman is suspected to either be a witch or a wizard due to strange occurrences or deaths in the family or community. Such person is taken to a witch doctor to undergo all kinds of torture to force the truth out of them and make them confess.

  1. Sharo festival
    This is commonly practised among the Fulanis. It is done to prove that a young man has come of age and ready to take for himself a bride.
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Sharo means flogging. The young man in question is continuously whipped by another, called a challenger, but he must show no signs of pain as this is to test his endurance level and his ability to persevere.

  1. Female circumcision
    This scary tribe is generally practised in Africa. Unlike the male circumcision which involves partial or complete removal of the foreskin around the genitals, the female circumcision involves total removal of the genitals just to preserve the woman’s chastity. Thanks to education and media, this practice is actually reduced in the country.
  2. Fattening room
    This is practised by the Calabars. The fattening room is a room where young women are kept and prepared for womanhood. In times past, being fat is equivalent to being prosperous and all. That’s what this room is basically about.

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