5 Things To Know About Johnny Drille Wife, Rima Tahini

Here are five 5 Facts About Johnny Drille Wife, Rima Tahini in light of the happy news that Johnny Drille and she have been married for more than a year.

In the wee hours of Tuesday, July 4, 2023, Johnny Drille startled fans by announcing Rima Tahini in a post on his social media platform announcing the release of the music video for his new song The Best Part.

The couple’s marriage was subsequently announced by music mogul Don Jazzy in a touching social media post.

Here are five intriguing facts about Rima Tahini that you should be aware of in response to inquiries regarding who she is:

5 Facts About Johnny Drille Wife Rima Tahini.
5 Facts About Johnny Drille Wife Rima Tahini. Photo Credit: @rimouuune: Instagram

Is Johnny Drille’s wife, Rima Tahini, a Nigerian?

Her father was Lebanese, and her mother was a resident of Sierra Leone, where Rima was born. Sadly, the Civil War had just started when she was born, and as a result, she and her family were forced to leave the nation and migrate to another.

At the age of seven, Rima Tahini was able to communicate in four different languages. This was due to the fact that she and her family, who were refugees as a result of the conflict in Sierra Leone, lived in many cities and nations.

After completing her education at the African Leadership Academy, scholastic prodigy Rima transformed into an exceptional person. She received the Allan Gray Gold Prize in 2012 in recognition of her exceptional commercial abilities.

She continued her education at Brandeis University, where she graduated in 2016 with the highest distinction in business/economics (Suma Cum Laude). Rima has valuable professional experience working in the energy sector before completing her undergraduate degree.

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She contributed her skills and knowledge to famous firms like Tata Africa Holdings, Endeavor Energy Holdings, and Symbion Powers while working in vibrant cities like Johannesburg, Accra, and Lagos.

Rima is the Director of Artiste and Repertoire (A&R) at Mavin Global

Mavin Records, a major player in the music industry, has Rima as its A&R director. Mavin Records has brought us some of the most enduring classic songs and singers from across the continent over the past ten years.

Rima is essential to the management and maintenance of all the artistic output from the label’s artists, including music videos, live performances, and merchandising.

Rima Senior Advisor at Kupanda Capital

Rima Tahini joined Kupanda Capital in 2016 and played a key role in creating and bringing the collaboration between Mavin and Kupanda to fruition.

Rima currently works with some of the most well-known musical artists from Africa to date and joined the Recording Academy’s 2022 class.

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