2Baba opens up on sacrifices he has done for his marriage

Legendary Nigerian artist 2Baba has revealed how sacrificed so many lifestyles in order to make his wife actress Annie Macaulay-Idibia happy.


Speaking with The Sun newspapers during an interview, 2Baba disclosed that marriage to his wife, Annie has made him more responsible as a man.

2Baba recount when he decided never to get married when he was growing up. However, he changed his mind as he made a decision to settle down with the woman who was there for him when he had nothing.

The father of seven said;

To be frank, I was thinking that I would not marry. There was a time I said that I was not going to get married; but once the thought came, I decided to marry the woman who has been there for me when I had nothing.

… And oh, I am happier than before. At least, I am more responsible now. When I was a bachelor, I could go out and come back anytime I wanted. But now, I cannot do that again. Now, once I am done with the day’s work, I have to go back home to my wife and kids. And then, the way I party before has reduced because I am married and getting older as well. Now as a married man, I have a sense of responsibility. I now know that I need to consult my wife before doing certain things, unlike before.”


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